ADHD & Essential Oils

I stated in an earlier post that I exhausted all options with Rae before she was officially diagnosed and medicated. In this post I want to share our journey using essential oils. I am a fan of DoTerra and still use them almost daily on Rae and myself. They helped before medication, but proved to not be strong enough alone for Rae’s case. I use the oils topically and aromatically. I have never let Rae ingest any of them (with the exception of a drop or two of Lemon).

Let me go over some of my favorites and how we use them:

Lavender: I put a few drops in Rae’s bath water at night. It helps to calm her down and puts her in a good mood. I also diffuse it next to her bed on really rough nights. The diffuser we have runs for four hours, and the lavender helps her sleep peacefully.

Peppermint: This one seems to help clear her mind. It does having an extreme cooling/hot feeling, so I apply it to her feet with some coconut oil. Or I just let her smell it from the bottle.

Balance: This one is a blend. It helps to calm Rae when she is having a meltdown. It also helps with any anxiety that may pop up. I don’t use a carrier oil with this one. I just rub a drop on her chest so she can smell it continuously.

Lemon: I mentioned this one above. I would add a drop to her sweet tea and let her drink it. She is not a fan of lemon flavor, so I could only get by with a drop at a time. It helps flush her system of impurities. (This one is not ADHD related, but I figured I’d share since we use it.)

I’ve tried a few others, but these are the ones that I have seen results with. If you use them on your children, please share! What do you use and why?

Author: Nicole Nettles

I am a widowed mom of a 5 year old struggling with ADHD. My daughter was diagnosed at 4 while in pre-k. Her father passed away when she was only three and it has been an uphill battle ever since. She is my pride and joy, and every struggle we face is handled together. I hope looking into our daily lives will help you if you face some of the same difficulties.

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