ADHD and Dance?

At the first of the month, a well-known dance instructor decided to open her studio again. I mentioned it to Rae and she was ecstatic! Now, I’ve mentioned before all of the extra-curriculars we have explored. Soccer, gymnastics, cheer…none of them were a hit with Rae. She had her first dance class last night and fell in love with it! As a mother, I gave a huge sigh of relief. Fingers crossed she stays in love with it.

Before signing her up, I decided to do a little research on if it had any benefits for ADHD children. I kind of fell into a gold mine of information. Did you know that dance is actually used as therapy for this? The dance helps with impulse control, coordination, focus, and is an emotional outlet!

*Cue the angelic “aaahhhhh”s!*

Rae has practiced her poses and showed me how to work her tap shoes numerous times. (Tap is her favorite. I had to hide the shoes so she wouldn’t wear them to school today.) I love seeing her take the time to do the poses properly. You can see the wheels turning in her head and her focusing on balance. This could be the beginning of a beautiful journey. 🙂

What are some out-of-the-ordinary methods and techniques have you used to help with ADHD? (Any tips on getting her to keep her room clean???)

❤️ Hope y’all are having an amazing week!