ADHD & Essential Oils

I stated in an earlier post that I exhausted all options with Rae before she was officially diagnosed and medicated. In this post I want to share our journey using essential oils. I am a fan of DoTerra and still use them almost daily on Rae and myself. They helped before medication, but proved to not be strong enough alone for Rae’s case. I use the oils topically and aromatically. I have never let Rae ingest any of them (with the exception of a drop or two of Lemon).

Let me go over some of my favorites and how we use them:

Lavender: I put a few drops in Rae’s bath water at night. It helps to calm her down and puts her in a good mood. I also diffuse it next to her bed on really rough nights. The diffuser we have runs for four hours, and the lavender helps her sleep peacefully.

Peppermint: This one seems to help clear her mind. It does having an extreme cooling/hot feeling, so I apply it to her feet with some coconut oil. Or I just let her smell it from the bottle.

Balance: This one is a blend. It helps to calm Rae when she is having a meltdown. It also helps with any anxiety that may pop up. I don’t use a carrier oil with this one. I just rub a drop on her chest so she can smell it continuously.

Lemon: I mentioned this one above. I would add a drop to her sweet tea and let her drink it. She is not a fan of lemon flavor, so I could only get by with a drop at a time. It helps flush her system of impurities. (This one is not ADHD related, but I figured I’d share since we use it.)

I’ve tried a few others, but these are the ones that I have seen results with. If you use them on your children, please share! What do you use and why?