Life Happens

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks now, and for good reason. Life happened. We got busy. I did some things for myself. I depended on family in times of need. Let me start at the beginning.

My car (that is so close to being paid off I can taste it) has decided to throw a temper tantrum. It kept running hot and I couldn’t figure out why. My dad met me on the side of the road and found nothing. A few days later it happened again. I made it to my brother’s place of work for him to look at it, and he spotted a leak. The tank for my coolant was cracked. Lucky for me, he works at a shop and could fix it in no time. Now it’s the tires…

Then we had Rae’s schedule to keep. A follow up with her pediatrician for her meds was scheduled right in the middle of this awful flu epidemic. We sat in a waiting room full of masks for what seemed like forever. After all of the flu patients were rushed through, we were finally seen. Her dosage was upped to 10 mg again, but everything else was perfect. Weight gain, progress, shared info were all what they needed to be.

After the pediatrician, we raced to her chiropractic appointment. She cracked and popped like it was her first adjustment. Poor kid wasn’t happy about it. But got the clear to come back in a month.

A few meltdowns this week, and she was back to normal Rae by Friday.

On top of the craziness, the weather hasn’t been on my side either. Rain, rain, rain…could be worse.

Friday at around lunch time I got a call asking if I could meet my sister-in-law at the ER. Her youngest fell at school and broke her wrist. Poor thing was so pitiful! I worked a smile and a few giggles out of her before going to pick Rae up from school.

The week ended with a rainy girl’s night and Rae spending time with her grandparents.

All in all, I have no complaints. Yes I was frustrated when things didn’t go right, but there was also so much positive to see. I have family to help me. I have friends to spend time with. We have all that we need and wake up every morning to another beautiful day. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t take the small positives for granted. They count, too. Sometimes those small positives are all you need to make it to the next day. Enjoy the ups and downs life throws at you. They are all worth it!

Trying to Adult…

As a single mom, I have a very limited budget. Bills get paid, but there’s not much wiggle room after. And the holidays are coming up…😳 This led me to the decision that I need to be more resourceful and keep a closer eye on our spending. 

Pinterest is so much help when it comes to looking for tips and tricks. The one that popped up the most on my recent search was “meal planning” and “save on groceries”. You caught my interest. Let me click and see what it’s all about. The posts I read (ok, mostly skimmed) had a good bit of resources and tips. So I decided to give a weekly menu a try.

I planned my week starting on  Monday and going to the following Sunday. I planned breakfasts, after school snacks, weekend lunches, and suppers. Crockpot meals and quick fixes are on there for days Rae has cheer practice. Leftovers are on there too. I also left one day open for going out to eat or eating with my parents. 

I then went through my fridge, freezer, and pantry to see what I had that I could use. I started with the meats and planned the rest of the meal to go with how I wanted it cooked. We will try out a few new recipes this coming week, but they are quick meals (and Pinterest finds). 

After I got the menu finished, I made a grocery list for that week. Surprisingly, it wasn’t crazy long or anything too costly. I stated in an earlier post that I am NOT a couponer. I am, however, really good about sticking to my list. But I do tend to falter if something I need is on sale… I tackled the grocery store after work today, and without Rae. I walked in to realize that a good sale is going on this week. I was able to stick to my list, but bought two items that were “1 for $5.99 or 3 for $10” and “1 for $4.99 or BOGOFree”. How could I pass those up??? They will get used and won’t go bad anytime soon.

All in all, I spent about thirty minutes planning the week, and a total of $60 on groceries. No coupons, lots of sales, and my Plenti card. I don’t think I did too bad. Now if I can make myself stick to it, I should be good to go. 🙂

Cartoons, Storms, and Sleep

I made it back from camping today and rushed to pick Rae up as quick as I could. I walked into my parents’ house expecting to get tackled but that didn’t happen…I crept down the hallway to the movie room and peeked in at her watching Shrek. She was singing along with one of the songs until she spotted me. Insert happy squeals here! 🙂 She ran over to me with a big hug and a beaming smile. She pulled me down for a quick kiss, and then sweetly asked, “Where’d you put my prizes?” I didn’t expect any less. You see, I had to figure out a way for her to be okay with me leaving for so many days. It’s not like I promised anything she wasn’t going to get anyway…just saying.

We sat on the bed and I handed her the first bag. She’s been on a superhero kick here lately, so I couldn’t pass up a Supergirl doll that was HALF OFF! (Mommy win!!) This is the part where she tells me that I made her wish come true. I also became “the best mommy ever”. 😁 I handed her a second, smaller bag after the doll. She wasn’t as thrilled with the size of this one, but was just as happy once she dumped its contents. After we finished tubing yesterday in Cherokee, I went to the store next door for a more meaningful prize. She specifically requested another bracelet that helps with bad dreams since her last one popped (Ghost Beads), so she got one of those in her new favorite color. She also got a hand painted shaker made from leather. She associates the mountains with bears, so that’s the painted picture on hers.

After the prizes and excitement of me returning, we left my parents’ to head home…for the dreaded unpacking. She relaxed on the couch watching cartoons until I finished cooking and starting laundry. We sat at the dining room/kitchen table together and talked about all the fun we had while we were apart. After supper, we cuddled on the couch with Lucy the Cat to watch cartoons together. The weather eventually blew up a storm, so Lucy left us to go hide under my bed. It’s still pretty nasty outside, and the satellite signal is gone, but I just can’t make myself go lay Rae in her bed. I missed her sleepy face so much.

Listening to the rain with a “complete signal loss” screen on the tv and a sleeping kid is the perfect way to end our Sunday. These are the moments I will take advantage of for as long as I can. ❤️