Here we are in South Carolina on this beautiful cool-ish type of day. (Still swarmed with love bugs, but…) The way it is outside today, you would never guess there’s a Category 5 hurricane headed our way. Well, aside from the millions of news and weather updates, social media posts, etc. Here’s how Rae and I do a hurricane!

First: I pack a week’s worth of clothes for Rae. She “misplaces” THREE pairs of shoes. I find two of the three…

Second: I pack my week’s worth of clothes, meds are all in a bag that I can just grab when we flee our mobile home, and all chargers in a bag of their own. I then proceed to make two more lists- daily necessities and very important stuff.

Third: I question myself, “can I pack this now? Is this enough? Cat food! Gotta pack catfood. What can I put in my car now so I don’t forget it? Not the cat or the kid… Oh yeah, what’s work gonna do?”. 

Fourth: I clean…yes, you read that right. Let me welcome Irma to a clean house that she will possibly destroy. The stress has set in!!

Seriously though, please take this storm seriously. Get to safety and take care of your families. God bless y’all and my prayers are continuously going up!! ❤️