Bible Story Breakdown

So here lately, after we finish homework books, I let Rae pick a story from her Storybook Bible. I feel like this is a good way to continuously expose her to our religion, faith, beliefs, etc. Last night would be what I’d call a bit of a doozy. She chose the story of Abraham and Isaac.

Just a little refresher for those who need it, Abraham was told by God to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. He chose to obey and sadly went through the process of preparing for sacrifice. Now before some of you get your panties in a wad, God did NOT allow the sacrifice to happen. It was a test of Abraham’s faith in Him. God stopped Abraham and saved Isaac using the opportunity to let him know that His son was coming and would be a great sacrifice to save His people.

This is how Rae reacted: “Umm, Mommy, that shouldn’t happen…God wouldn’t want that to happen…Why is Abraham doing that to his kid?” After each question I’d reply with a simple, “Just listen and see what happens”. This sufficed til the end of the story. Once she realized Isaac was safe and there was a happy ending, she said, “See? I told you God had that”.

After a few minutes of contemplation, she then says, “I just don’t get this whole dying thing”. As a parent, it took me a few seconds to recover from such a big statement. I asked what she meant by that. Her explanation was that she didn’t get why some kids and people die when they are still young. I replied with what I felt in my heart was the proper response. (Though some may not agree.)

I told her that God has a plan for everyone. He knows it before we are even born. Sometimes it takes many years for us to do that job, and sometimes it doesn’t take as long. Maybe the ones that die young have done their job assigned by God here on Earth, and he rewards them by bringing them home to Him. Yes, we miss them and our hearts hurt from it, but we have to remember that they are safe and happy.

She smiled the biggest smile, and gave me the biggest hug, and ended the conversation with “God sure does love us”. Yes He does, baby girl. He sure does.

Tough Life Lessons

Here it is, the end of August. This month has been full of ups and downs for myself and Rae. My biggest ups are Rae’s accomplishments. School: she’s gotten good colors every single day so far. That’s a big difference from last year. She’s reading books to me every day. Her chore chart is filling up with stars for daily jobs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

My greatest down has been watching Rae face disappointment and losing her fur friend, Chloe (or Miss Kitty…it depends on the day. 🙂). She celebrated her dad’s birthday yesterday. The second one since his accident. We sent up balloons with some of the family and she sang with her cousins. Then she had to wake up this morning to learn that her outside cat had been attacked by dogs. This was another big deal for her simply because it’s the cat that showed up not long after her dad’s death. This leads to my point of this post…

My five year old had to learn today that not all animals are nice and sweet. She’s never had to deal with mean or vicious animals. She couldn’t wrap her brain around why these dogs wanted to hurt her kitty. Time for her “big girl” discussion.

I explained to her that sometimes you have a bad animal that doesn’t care who or what they hurt. There’s also some people in this world like that. God didn’t make them that way (people or animals), other things in this world did. Her innocence in this situation made me feel like dirt because I couldn’t do anything to help the poor cat. In my heart and mind, hurting those dogs wouldn’t have made the situation any better. I would’ve then had to try to justify those actions to Rae. She’s watching my every move. If I can show her what difference a hint of grace and compassion can make, even in tough times, then I hope they stick with her. I don’t want her to think it’s ok to let this often cruel world shape you into a different person than who you want to be. The Golden Rule has been a recurring topic since school started (thanks K5 teacher!!). Maybe…just maybe I can help inscribe that on her heart.

*Dont get me wrong, I am a firm believer in defending yourself and taking up for others, but don’t cast the first stone. It’s not worth the long term effects. Oh, and the dog situation is being dealt with by Animal Control.