I’ve been slack…

Ok, I know I haven’t written lately, but life happens. Rae decided to cheer for the town, and a lot of free time goes into that. With that being said, let me bring you up to speed:

Rae went back to her pediatrician a few weeks ago. She was starting to develop a small tic and slight stutter. I brought these up to him (she was on 10mg of Focalin XR) and he decided it was best to cut her back to 7.5mg. She had also lost some weight, so I bought her Pediasure to try to keep that from happening. She drinks it fairly easily every day, but now she is having trouble at school again. Talking, arguing with her classmates…seems like we are back to the impulse control issue also. I know these things come with ADHD. The thought running through my mind now is, “could something in the Pediasure be affecting the medication?”. Anybody have any insight?? I’ve tried researching this, but came up with nothing. For right now we will go back to trial and error by saving the Pediasure for bedtime. I’ll keep y’all posted. (On the plus side, the Pediasure seems to have helped the tummy aches!)

On to cheer! Her coaches are so very understanding…🙂 by the time she gets to practice her meds are long gone. She enjoys the games, caught on to the routines quick, and has made a lot of new friends. The season is coming to a close and competition is approaching. Her meds will be on board that day…

As for me, I have been working on a personal project. Not going into a lot of detail, but hopefully by next summer I will have something bigger to share with y’all. A clue: I enjoy writing and have set a HUGE goal for myself. This one has been brewing for a while. 😉 Send me some motivation!!

Trying to Adult…

As a single mom, I have a very limited budget. Bills get paid, but there’s not much wiggle room after. And the holidays are coming up…😳 This led me to the decision that I need to be more resourceful and keep a closer eye on our spending. 

Pinterest is so much help when it comes to looking for tips and tricks. The one that popped up the most on my recent search was “meal planning” and “save on groceries”. You caught my interest. Let me click and see what it’s all about. The posts I read (ok, mostly skimmed) had a good bit of resources and tips. So I decided to give a weekly menu a try.

I planned my week starting on  Monday and going to the following Sunday. I planned breakfasts, after school snacks, weekend lunches, and suppers. Crockpot meals and quick fixes are on there for days Rae has cheer practice. Leftovers are on there too. I also left one day open for going out to eat or eating with my parents. 

I then went through my fridge, freezer, and pantry to see what I had that I could use. I started with the meats and planned the rest of the meal to go with how I wanted it cooked. We will try out a few new recipes this coming week, but they are quick meals (and Pinterest finds). 

After I got the menu finished, I made a grocery list for that week. Surprisingly, it wasn’t crazy long or anything too costly. I stated in an earlier post that I am NOT a couponer. I am, however, really good about sticking to my list. But I do tend to falter if something I need is on sale… I tackled the grocery store after work today, and without Rae. I walked in to realize that a good sale is going on this week. I was able to stick to my list, but bought two items that were “1 for $5.99 or 3 for $10” and “1 for $4.99 or BOGOFree”. How could I pass those up??? They will get used and won’t go bad anytime soon.

All in all, I spent about thirty minutes planning the week, and a total of $60 on groceries. No coupons, lots of sales, and my Plenti card. I don’t think I did too bad. Now if I can make myself stick to it, I should be good to go. 🙂


Here we are in South Carolina on this beautiful cool-ish type of day. (Still swarmed with love bugs, but…) The way it is outside today, you would never guess there’s a Category 5 hurricane headed our way. Well, aside from the millions of news and weather updates, social media posts, etc. Here’s how Rae and I do a hurricane!

First: I pack a week’s worth of clothes for Rae. She “misplaces” THREE pairs of shoes. I find two of the three…

Second: I pack my week’s worth of clothes, meds are all in a bag that I can just grab when we flee our mobile home, and all chargers in a bag of their own. I then proceed to make two more lists- daily necessities and very important stuff.

Third: I question myself, “can I pack this now? Is this enough? Cat food! Gotta pack catfood. What can I put in my car now so I don’t forget it? Not the cat or the kid… Oh yeah, what’s work gonna do?”. 

Fourth: I clean…yes, you read that right. Let me welcome Irma to a clean house that she will possibly destroy. The stress has set in!!

Seriously though, please take this storm seriously. Get to safety and take care of your families. God bless y’all and my prayers are continuously going up!! ❤️

Labor Day Weekend

As many of you know, Labor Day weekend left a break in our hearts two years ago. Rae lost her dad in an atv accident. (Helmets, caution, pay attention to your surroundings…atvs are not toys!) I have done my best to focus on the good this weekend. Let me share with you.

Saturday was an incredibly lazy day for us. PJs all day, with a little cleaning mixed in there. Rae had an accidental run-in with a bag of trash that I had set aside to take off that afternoon. She kicked it when she walked by and got a pretty nasty cut on her toe. This sparked a freak-out from her after seeing all the blood. Once she calmed down and I cleaned it up, I freaked (quietly on the inside) thinking she might need stitches. Rae proved to be stronger and calmer than me at this point. I immediately called my dad and my parents came right over to help. No stitches were needed, but it still looked bad. Saturday’s good: my kid is a champ and I can always count on my parents to come when I call. ❤️ That night Rae and I enjoyed a movie together, her choice.

Sunday was church and family day. We enjoyed an amazing sermon at our church, followed by lunch with our family. Too much food was eaten…we don’t always have time to catch up during the week, so lunch together was nice. After lunch we went to a friend’s house to make crayons. We took crayon pieces, arranged them in silicone molds, and baked them for a few minutes. Rae was very proud of her ship crayon. 😊 For supper that night, I learned to make strawberry crepes. Again, too much food was eaten. Rae went to sleep with no problem, and I enjoyed a comedy movie and quiet time.

Today we are just taking it easy and enjoying each other’s company. Later on we are going to a friend’s to socialize and possibly swim. 

I hope each of you have taken time to sit back and count your blessings. We take things and people for granted far too often, and then just like that they could be gone. Focus on the good, don’t dwell on the negative. There’s so much good in every single day.

Tough Life Lessons

Here it is, the end of August. This month has been full of ups and downs for myself and Rae. My biggest ups are Rae’s accomplishments. School: she’s gotten good colors every single day so far. That’s a big difference from last year. She’s reading books to me every day. Her chore chart is filling up with stars for daily jobs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

My greatest down has been watching Rae face disappointment and losing her fur friend, Chloe (or Miss Kitty…it depends on the day. 🙂). She celebrated her dad’s birthday yesterday. The second one since his accident. We sent up balloons with some of the family and she sang with her cousins. Then she had to wake up this morning to learn that her outside cat had been attacked by dogs. This was another big deal for her simply because it’s the cat that showed up not long after her dad’s death. This leads to my point of this post…

My five year old had to learn today that not all animals are nice and sweet. She’s never had to deal with mean or vicious animals. She couldn’t wrap her brain around why these dogs wanted to hurt her kitty. Time for her “big girl” discussion.

I explained to her that sometimes you have a bad animal that doesn’t care who or what they hurt. There’s also some people in this world like that. God didn’t make them that way (people or animals), other things in this world did. Her innocence in this situation made me feel like dirt because I couldn’t do anything to help the poor cat. In my heart and mind, hurting those dogs wouldn’t have made the situation any better. I would’ve then had to try to justify those actions to Rae. She’s watching my every move. If I can show her what difference a hint of grace and compassion can make, even in tough times, then I hope they stick with her. I don’t want her to think it’s ok to let this often cruel world shape you into a different person than who you want to be. The Golden Rule has been a recurring topic since school started (thanks K5 teacher!!). Maybe…just maybe I can help inscribe that on her heart.

*Dont get me wrong, I am a firm believer in defending yourself and taking up for others, but don’t cast the first stone. It’s not worth the long term effects. Oh, and the dog situation is being dealt with by Animal Control.

T’was the Night Before Kindergarten…

And all through the house, Rae was running rampant and yelling “Mommy” 5,000 times at the top of her lungs. The excitement of Meet and Greet hits her right after we leave the school. My plans for an early bedtime might now be wishful thinking. I love that she’s excited about school. I love that she is (now) ready to start a new year. I just hope her teachers are ready…that little stick of dynamite is coming full force!

Let’s list some positives about tomorrow: she has friends in her class, she likes the centers, she gets to pass her pre-k teachers every morning, and Mommy gets to pick her up when the day is done. 😊 (That last positive was for me.)

Now some possible negatives: the newness could wear off quick, her meds could make her extra clingy, early wake up is never fun, and no nap time…she specifically asked me if she’d get one. She doesn’t nap at home, but school is a different story. Maybe that means early bedtime every night. YAY! I’m just kidding. I treasure our few hours together before bed. But every now and then…well, all parents enjoy it sometimes. Don’t deny it!

I hope every child and parent has a smooth first day. School is a blessing to our children. Just think of how many countries push for kids to work instead of getting an education. I won’t even go into the kids that are made to fight in wars. Give your kids an extra squeeze and kiss. They’ll need it to get through the day, and then they’ll come home talking non-stop about all the fun they had. I know some started sooner, but the same goes for all of y’all too. 

Happy 2017-18 School Year!!!

A Fresh Start: Back to School!!

Some parents hear the words “back to school” and start stressing out. The never-ending supply list, the meet and greets, the schedules, drop off and pick up lines…I could go on for hours. Back to school doesn’t have to be the end of fun. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare and whirlwind of emotions. 

My one and only baby is starting Kindergarten this year. Yes, she did pre-k last year, but that won’t make the start of this year any easier. I will cry, she will cling, we will both wait with bated breath on dismissal. This year, however, will be a little different for us. Not only will Rae be starting Kindergarten, but I will be too!

I have worked in a private pre-k class for years. I felt that it was time for a change and made that leap of faith. That leap landed me in a Kindergarten classroom at a private school as an aid. Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? Oh yeah. But this change is good. A fresh start for both of us is long over due.

What will make this coming year easier for us? Scheduling time blocks and day planners everywhere. (Pretty sure I’m up to 3 day planners now…). Highlighters and sticky notes are also playing a pretty big role. Oh, and the dry erase board on my fridge. And how could I forget planning breakfasts, snacks, and suppers for a week at a time? I’ll admit, I’m the mom that grocery shops weekly because that’s about all I can get in the buggy before my kid goes wild. 

Wednesday night is meet and greet. And most likely a Crockpot meal. Thursday is the big day! I am planning a high protein breakfast, a fruit and a cheese stick for snack, and a hearty meal for supper. I’m anticipating meltdowns from Rae being overly tired, a conversation starting with “I had fun today but not really”, and bedtime snuggles. 😊 

Rae will have her say in the meal and snack planning. She is starting to show interest in cooking, so hopefully that means she will eat more if she helps. We will see how this goes. Different schools with slightly different schedules is going to take some getting use to, but we got this! (Hopefully…)

How do you view Back to School? Does it make you stress out, or do you look forward to it?