Happy New Year!!

For me, 2017 was a year full of ups and downs. We lost some pretty special people, my nephew was sick for the first few months of his life, health problems for my parents were diagnosed…on to the ups! One of my best friends got married, my baby brother and his fiancée brought their baby boy home, and Rae got amazing teachers for her year of K5. I also started a new job, made some new friends, and started some new ventures. Key word in that sentence is “started”…life happens and we lose track of things we feel may be less important. So for 2018, I have decided to make a list of goals instead of resolutions. I also have a support system to help me stick with them. And daily reminders set on my phone…😁 Let me share them with you:

1) Write a new blog post once a week.

I haven’t exactly stuck with this. And I used the excuse of being busy. Not any more!

2) Drink more water!!

I hate the taste of plain water. I don’t like the powder flavors either. I have found a solution! I squeezed some oranges and froze the juice in an ice tray. One cube is enough for my 16oz tumbler. Now, 8 glasses per day sounds like a lot to me. I prefer looking at it as only a half gallon a day. I still get my coffee first (so I don’t bite any heads off), and then water after. Nothing else to drink until that half gallon is consumed! Wish me luck…

3) Exercise daily.

This seems to be the norm for everyone. Pinterest has tons of calendars and 30 day challenges with a variety of exercises to choose from. My January challenge is called “Jump Off the Jiggle”. Fun enough for Rae to join me and not a load of exercises to start off with.

I am sticking with 3 for now. Another goal for the year is to finish that writing project I started. This one is more time consuming, so now definite time frame is set for it. I will be looking for people to help me polish off some rough edges on that also. Just some reading and editing.

Hope y’all had an amazing holiday season and may you be blessed all year long!