Life Happens

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks now, and for good reason. Life happened. We got busy. I did some things for myself. I depended on family in times of need. Let me start at the beginning.

My car (that is so close to being paid off I can taste it) has decided to throw a temper tantrum. It kept running hot and I couldn’t figure out why. My dad met me on the side of the road and found nothing. A few days later it happened again. I made it to my brother’s place of work for him to look at it, and he spotted a leak. The tank for my coolant was cracked. Lucky for me, he works at a shop and could fix it in no time. Now it’s the tires…

Then we had Rae’s schedule to keep. A follow up with her pediatrician for her meds was scheduled right in the middle of this awful flu epidemic. We sat in a waiting room full of masks for what seemed like forever. After all of the flu patients were rushed through, we were finally seen. Her dosage was upped to 10 mg again, but everything else was perfect. Weight gain, progress, shared info were all what they needed to be.

After the pediatrician, we raced to her chiropractic appointment. She cracked and popped like it was her first adjustment. Poor kid wasn’t happy about it. But got the clear to come back in a month.

A few meltdowns this week, and she was back to normal Rae by Friday.

On top of the craziness, the weather hasn’t been on my side either. Rain, rain, rain…could be worse.

Friday at around lunch time I got a call asking if I could meet my sister-in-law at the ER. Her youngest fell at school and broke her wrist. Poor thing was so pitiful! I worked a smile and a few giggles out of her before going to pick Rae up from school.

The week ended with a rainy girl’s night and Rae spending time with her grandparents.

All in all, I have no complaints. Yes I was frustrated when things didn’t go right, but there was also so much positive to see. I have family to help me. I have friends to spend time with. We have all that we need and wake up every morning to another beautiful day. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t take the small positives for granted. They count, too. Sometimes those small positives are all you need to make it to the next day. Enjoy the ups and downs life throws at you. They are all worth it!

Earning Cash Back!

Let me begin by explaining that I AM NOT an avid couponer. I honestly can’t for the life of me figure out how people save hundreds of dollars by clipping paper and doubling coupons and comparing prices…it’s too much for me. How do you do it?? I would love to know some tricks and tips, but to be honest, how do you find the time? I know people that are amazing at it and I know people who, like me, suck at it. So what do I do to save some money and earn cash back? Let me tell you…

The first app I discovered was Retail-Me-Not. I used that app on Black Friday, and I was hooked! You search the name of the store you’re shopping at and scan the coupon or get online codes for available sales. Not hard at all! I saved close to $100 on Christmas shopping last year. That’s a WIN!

The second app is one that I was recently introduced to. IBotta…I know it’s been around for a while, but I’ve never really given it a chance. I downloaded it and looked over the rebates I could use, and I found more on there than I ever have when trying to coupon. I can find tons of coupons on things I don’t buy or use. These rebates have added up quick. Shampoo? That was a $1 rebate. Bananas? I’ll take that $.25 back. Juice boxes?? Multiple rebates available??? Yes! So yeah, I got a little excited about it and gave it a go my last shopping trip. I earned $5.00 cash back on around $100 worth of groceries. That may not seem like much, but I also earned a welcome bonus of $10 just for redeeming those offers. Websites have them too! Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes…why not get money back from shopping?

Now all you avid coupon clippers, if you combine a coupon and a rebate, and if a coupon is doubled, that’s a big score! I make my list with the items I have rebates for first. Then I add my other items after that. It makes it easier for me to remember what items I need to scan the barcode on to get those rebates finished. I’ll take every bit I can get back. If you would like to try IBotta, my link is shared at the bottom. Join and earn your welcome bonus! I’ve already earned enough for almost a full tank of gas! 😊

Now…who wants to teach me some simple couponing tricks???

*Disclaimer: I get nothing for promoting these apps. I’m just trying to help y’all save and earn! 😁

A Fresh Start: Back to School!!

Some parents hear the words “back to school” and start stressing out. The never-ending supply list, the meet and greets, the schedules, drop off and pick up lines…I could go on for hours. Back to school doesn’t have to be the end of fun. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare and whirlwind of emotions. 

My one and only baby is starting Kindergarten this year. Yes, she did pre-k last year, but that won’t make the start of this year any easier. I will cry, she will cling, we will both wait with bated breath on dismissal. This year, however, will be a little different for us. Not only will Rae be starting Kindergarten, but I will be too!

I have worked in a private pre-k class for years. I felt that it was time for a change and made that leap of faith. That leap landed me in a Kindergarten classroom at a private school as an aid. Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? Oh yeah. But this change is good. A fresh start for both of us is long over due.

What will make this coming year easier for us? Scheduling time blocks and day planners everywhere. (Pretty sure I’m up to 3 day planners now…). Highlighters and sticky notes are also playing a pretty big role. Oh, and the dry erase board on my fridge. And how could I forget planning breakfasts, snacks, and suppers for a week at a time? I’ll admit, I’m the mom that grocery shops weekly because that’s about all I can get in the buggy before my kid goes wild. 

Wednesday night is meet and greet. And most likely a Crockpot meal. Thursday is the big day! I am planning a high protein breakfast, a fruit and a cheese stick for snack, and a hearty meal for supper. I’m anticipating meltdowns from Rae being overly tired, a conversation starting with “I had fun today but not really”, and bedtime snuggles. 😊 

Rae will have her say in the meal and snack planning. She is starting to show interest in cooking, so hopefully that means she will eat more if she helps. We will see how this goes. Different schools with slightly different schedules is going to take some getting use to, but we got this! (Hopefully…)

How do you view Back to School? Does it make you stress out, or do you look forward to it?